Elk Grove Milling, Inc. at Prevost Ranch

We are the Bay Area distributor for Elk Grove Milling Complete Horse Feed Products.

Feed Supplies
Product 50# Bag 250# Barrel Equivalent Bag Price
Stable Mix $10.66 $48.50 $9.70
Sr.Stable Mix $11.25 $50.70 $10.14
Performance Stable Mix $11.25 $50.70 $10.14
Ultra Mate $14.05 $60.50 $12.10
Get Go $11.70 $53.00 $10.60
Stable Mix plus G & C $11.34 $50.70 $10.14
Sr. Stable Mix plus G & C $12.32 $55.50 $11.01
Corral Mix n/a $49.20 $9.84
Sunshine Forage Pellets Call Call n/a
NB Forage Pellets Call Call
5/8 Alfalfa-Oat Pellets Call Call
1/4 Alfalfa Pellets Call Call
Oat Pellets Call
50/50 Alfalfa & Oat Call
Rice Bran (unstabilized) Pellets Call
Rice Bran (stabilized) Pellets $10.45
Rabbit Pellets $11.85
Laying Pellets Call
Hen Scratch Call


Delivery rates are per ton. The one ton minimum/8 barrels, can be mix and match.

Stable Mix, Senior Stable Mix, Performance Stable Mix, Stable Mate, and Get Go are registered trade marks of Elk Grove Milling, Inc.